Affiliate Marketing – Easy Product Promotion With Press Releases

Looking for a new way to promote affiliate products? You can make more money if you sell products which are already selling well, because you know there is a market. However once the product is popular, there are thousands of other affiliates who are promoting the killer product. What if you could leapfrog the efforts of all those others, and make more sales easily?

Clever affiliate promoters use press releases. The big benefit of the press releases in the online world is that a press release gets you both wide distribution and lots of backlinks. Those backlinks will go on promoting your affiliate products for years to come.

Should you pay for your press release distribution? I’m often asked this question, and the short answer is yes. Those sites which charge you to distribute your press releases have a high Google PageRank, and their links seem to stick. Unfortunately free press release sites just don’t perform as well.

1. Press Releases Get Links Fast

Online press releases communicate directly with a product’s buyers. You’re not trying to get media attention, you’re trying to get links and traffic to the product sales page. The more traffic you send to the page, the more sales you will make.

It’s important to understand that online press releases have a long-term effect. They’re not instant affiliate marketing. As your traffic increases, so will the number of sales. Look for a steady trickle of sales over the months and years, rather than an instant flood of sales.

Your main aim with press releases is to get links to your own sites, so that you can send more traffic to affiliate sales pages.

2. Create a Blog or a Website to Use in Conjunction With Press Releases

Although you can send your press release traffic directly to a product sales page, this isn’t a good idea. Remember what I said about the effect of press releases being long-term? Your press releases can send you traffic for years to come. Therefore you should be sending your traffic to your own online properties — your own blogs and websites.

The affiliate products you market will change over time, and sometimes very quickly. If a product isn’t selling for you, you’ll drop it.

You may only market a product for a month or two, and then decide to promote something else in that area. If you’re still sending traffic via press release to a product sales page when you stop promoting the product, you’re wasting a lot of traffic and are not earning the money that you should be earning.

Therefore, create your own pre-sales pages on your own sites and blogs, which you can reference in your press releases. You can change those pre-sales pages very quickly if you change the affiliate products you’re marketing.