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12 Inexpensive Retail Promotional Ideas!

We all need ideas. A few of these ideas may be new or old to you, but you might just find something you can use anyway. One thing for sure is that ll of them have worked and we all need ideas, even if some of them may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Sometimes you can take an old idea and give it a new spin. So.. here they are!

Get Acquainted Sale: Find out through your local government where you can get a list of the newest residents and invite them once a quarter or so by invitation to a special event. You could call it a “get acquainted sale, and offer a special discount and hors d’oeuvres. Don’t forget to get their e-mails and any other contact information from them.

Hold a joint promotion with another businesses, or retailer; possibly even a restaurant. You can offer their products at a discount, or possibly a free meal with the purchase of a meal, in return for a purchase at your store. The other business could do the same.

Work on creating a few ads over the summer for the next school year designed to go into the school newspapers in your area. You might even offer a donation to some school fundraiser in return for each sale. Students are customers of tomorrow and if you have products that appeal to them now, promote you and your store to them today.

Begin building a following for a Surprise Special of the Week on a regular day of the week. Avoid advertising any specific products, but work regularly to build the concept via signage and handouts. Make it a special discount, with the idea of getting customers to start thinking of your store each week on that day-just to find out what you might have. On the actual day, post a large banner featuring “Surprise Special of the Week, Available TODAY!

Offer a free lesson or class on make-up, scrapbooking, sewing, hair styling, gardening, or a home improvement task or even how to get more effective use out of a product or product line you are selling. The options are limited only by your imagination. When customers get to learn how to get the best use out of your products they’re more likely to buy more and also become more connected to your business.

Have an Attention Getting Character: Find out what would be involved to have a special sports team mascot or other costumed character to draw attention to your store on a special weekend. At a minimum, use your e-mail list and create a flyer to hand out to customers in order to promote the event. This is a lot more successful if you do it at a store that has a lot of traffic driving or walking by your store.

More Window Advertising: With all the vacant retail space out there, take advantage of the empty windows by approaching landlords in nearby locations to allow you to create a window display in an empty shop window. The landlord benefits by having a better looking store window with activity and you win by having another free advertising vehicle. Just don’t agree to pay them for the priviledge.

Offer lunch at your store once a month, if you’re in an area with lots of offices within walking distance. The idea is that each month on the same day, you make it easy for potential customers to shop your store while eating lunch. You can offer finger sandwiches, chips and a cold drink. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just regular. Again, advertise your event continuously over a long period of time to build the habit with customers. Advertise with in-store signage, a banner and fliers at the front desk. Put the banner up a day or two in advance of the day to remind shoppers.

Consider a FREE offer on after sales service – cleaning or maintenance of the purchased product at your store.

Advertise In Unusual And Creative Locations. Advertising on the websites of other businesses, on service station videos, in restrooms and even on park benches are all good possibilities. One business pays to fill city potholes and then has its logo painted on the potholes with the city’s blessing. You can also advertise in the poster area or on the seats of bus stops. Don’t forget that advertising on the outside of the bus will get your business viewed by a lot of potential customers on a daily basis, whether they take the bus or not. You don’t even have to like buses! Just make sure these are your target customers.

As an Example:

In and around Louisville, KY (headquarters of KFC), Kentucky Fried Chicken is filling in potholes faster than you can say “Finger Licken’ Good.” As part of a new marketing campaign, KFC receives the right to brand and label potholes with a stencil that says “Re-freshed by KFC.” This idea is working for them on a couple of fronts. (1) The city gets many of its potholes filled and paid for. (2) KFC is getting some great advertising on roads and highways every day. Talk about traffic! (3) KFC gets some great PR and goodwill by taking care of potholes for previously aggravated drivers. Imagine the mileage a special drink could get out of the term, “refreshed by.”

Sale Today? Check The Temperature!

Offer a Standard Sale Offering That Comes & Goes With The Temperature That You Promote All Summer. Promote it on any recordings for calls on hold. Promote it with handouts all summer. Promote it on banners and in your window. Pronote it on your tweets, facebook and your website. But do it with consistency over time! Do what you ask?

Promote the fact that on any day when the temperature is above __XXX degrees__(you decide) all merchandise will be ____% off. You can also limit it to a particular type of merchandise such as shorts for apparel stores. Do this with enough regularity over time and sales will build as customers will begin to remember and seek you out on those hot days. You can do the same thing in the winter too!

Business Card & Books: I’ve seen this one used in my own local bookstore. In this case, the business takes their business cards and places them in every book that relates to their business. Obviously a computer repair business might put one in every book on the shelf in the library or bookstore about computers. Talk about target marketing. Wow! And it’s cheap too.

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Promotional Products – Assisting All Avenues of Your Business

Memorabilia, souvenirs, mementos, monograms- our society treasures them. We are collectors. We emboss, engrave, customize, and personalize. We give so many gifts in our day to day lives for just about any occasion. And, we enjoy receiving gifts. We embroider blankets for weddings, bibs for babies, dog bowls for pets, backpacks for children, and golf bags for adults.

Items such as these are also given out regularly by businesses as promotional marketing products. But, do many of these entities know that there is a way to give them out to elicit maximized responses? There does exist a science, so to speak, regarding promotional products.

Promotional products can be simple, every day items- useful in nature, or humorous, or aesthetic. Deliberating on a particular product, its target audience, the thematic approach, and the intended outcome are the steps involved in the procedure of the science of promotional success. The basis of the product itself, as well as its price, is irrelevant in the equation. What are most important to concentrate on are the audience and the response that you desire to evoke.

Studies have been conducted and have proven that promotional products are equally if not more rewarding than other forms of advertising. Even during difficult financial times in which other mediums of advertising are shrinking, the promotional product method is still a leader in the marketing field and its existence has been affected minimally. This speaks volumes for its functionality. They work to attract potential clients, serve as thank you gestures to existing customers, reward and affirm employees, increase direct mail response rates, create anticipation and incentives for staff, lower accident and injury rates on the job, and heighten overall reports of job satisfaction. The results that have been studied and analyzed cannot be ignored. That some businesses lack the knowledge of the proper usage of promotional products could be understandable- but how is that some still recognize their unquestionable power?

When you start to assess the plusses of integrating promotional products into your routine, it really adds some perspective to a company’s goals and ideals. It enhances the imagination and vision for what the future can hold. Promotional products begin to open up the range of possibilities.

Promotional products can begin at the beginning. Think about your brand. Marketing your special insignia is of major importance to your overall business plan. Customized products can show you another way of accomplishing this task. Here is yet another method that can be added to the other manners of promoting a brand.

Reflect on your employees. Our society is growing increasingly complex and the difficulties in attracting and maintaining employees are becoming more difficult each year. Recruiting quality people, rewarding them, awarding them, and motivating them are now commonplace among competitive businesses. The use of promotional products can serve as the medium in these situations. It is true that recognizing any employee is vital in today’s industry, but moreover, sales people need a little extra in this area. Their drive and competitive edge needs are fed by various outside sources. Of course, promotional items inspire, motivate, and remind those sales employees of their full potential.

In relation to your clients, these simple customized products have the potential to manifest your inquirers into your longstanding, trusted customers. They differentiate you from the competition. They show your gratitude. They solidify contacts.

Working with promotional products facilitates your company’s process of examining where you are realistically and where you would like to go. They help you to brainstorm concrete ways to reach the clientele you want and the goals you have established.
If you are starting from scratch or if you have never implemented promotional products into your marketing strategy, it could difficult to decide where to start. In any case, a promotional professional can assist you with questions and offer suggestions and ideas. They can work with you to plan your unique campaign so that the products you give out demonstrate the creativity you desire and impress your recipients in the manner that you envision.

Anyone, any business, any department, any line of work can use promotional products. If your affiliation is just starting out, celebrating an anniversary, expanding, moving to a new location, broadening its scope, or differentiating its services, without a doubt it is an excellent candidate for an innovative promotional campaign involving products. Regardless of your company’s views on size or revenue, promotional items can beneficially help with the materialization of your future goals.

Extra Money Ideas to Earn Extra Cash

Are you searching for extra money ideas that you can be use today to start earning some extra cash? There are many ways that you can earn extra money when you need it. Knowing these ways will help you choose the best way for you to use. To help you get started you should know some of the more effective and popular and effective ways anyone can use to earn extra money when they need it. Here are the best and most popular ways.

Affiliate programs.

This is a free way to use. All you need to do is to find affiliate programs to promote and then sign up with them. They will provide you with everything needed to get started promoting their program. The more you market the affiliate program the sooner you will make money from it. Just remember if you want to earn money on a continuous basis you have to keep promoting the program. Marketing a residual income program is better because you only have to do a little work to make money every month. The harder you work marketing this type of program the more money you will earn every month.


Sign up for a free eBay account and find products that you can sell from this auction site. It doesn’t matter what products you sell just be sure they are ones that people are looking for. This will help you make the most extra money. You can determine if the product is a good one to sell by doing a little keyword research. You can even set up your own eBay store to sell products from. With a store and online auctions being run you will definitely make extra cash.


If you know how to design a website or write then offer your services online. There are many internet business owners looking for people who can do certain services. They will gladly hire you to do the work for them and let them take all the credit. This is a great way to earn money when needed.


Set up a blog for cheap. There are many ways you can make money with blogging. Here are a few of the ways.

- Offer your services
- Create your own products
- Promote affiliate programs

These are just a few of the ways. Blogging is a definite must for anyone wanting to make extra cash.

These are only some of the different extra money ideas that anyone can use starting today to earn extra cash. Choose one of these ways or find another way but get started today because the sooner you start the sooner you will have the extra money that is needed.