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eCommerce Website Promotion And Sale Ideas

No matter how successful your eCommerce website is, you should always be brainstorming for ways to improve it. Developing innovative eCommerce promotion ideas can be tough, but will ultimately pay off in dividends when implemented correctly on your eCommerce store. Offering promotions and special offers to your potential eCommerce customers is an effective method of driving ancillary traffic to your site, acquiring new customers, and growing revenue. Best of all, these promotions can also be used to encourage new visitors to become loyal, repeat customers. Many shopping cart platforms offer these eCommerce features, so take advantage of them!

Why Are Utilizing eCommerce Promotions and Special Offers Important?

The fact is, today’s online consumers are more savvy than ever. Combine that with the fact that there are more online buying options than ever before, and it’s no surprise that it can often take additional persuading to get your visitors to click that checkout button. In that context, consider your eCommerce promotions to be one of the most valuable persuasion tools available to you.

Boosting eCommerce Sales With eCommerce Promotions and Special Offers

Now that we understand the role special offers and promotions play in an eCommerce website, we’d like to share some powerfully simple promotions that we have seen work wonders for our clients. Of course, no two sites are identical, and what works in one industry may not work in another. Before implementing any of these ideas, make sure you are poised to collect any data needed to determine their effectiveness. That way, you will have tangible evidence behind your decisions and you can make permanent changes to your eCommerce store with confidence.

#1 – Free Shipping

It’s no secret that everybody loves free shipping. Additional shipping charges during the checkout process contribute to cart abandonment, also known as the achilles heel of the eCommerce website. Apart from eliminating an expense many of your visitors may be expecting, free shipping can simplify the entire sales process.

Whether you offer free shipping sitewide or limit your promotion to specific categories and products, your customers can browse confidently knowing that the prices listed are what they’ll actually pay (plus a little for Uncle Sam, when applicable). Plus, they won’t be caught off guard with additional charges when they’re ready to checkout. From a psychological perspective, you’ll be at an advantage if your visitors are confident that the price they see is an accurate representation of their final cost.

One thing worth mentioning is that your company doesn’t necessarily have to eat the shipping costs, you can simply “hide” your shipping charges by embedding them directly into the price of the product.

#2 – Percentage Based Discounts

If brick and mortar storefronts have taught us anything, it’s that everyone loves to buy things that are “on sale”, and formatting your product pages to have a “sale price” can definitely increase conversions. Consider showing two prices for any given product, the “retail” price and your “sale price”. Experiment with different terminology such as “Suggested Retail” or “MSRP” to see what works best for your store or niche.

Even though percentage based discounts have become increasingly ubiquitous on eCommerce websites, they are still quite effective. Somehow, the human brain is still more enticed to purchase a product if an artificially inflated original price has been “slashed” down to a lower amount. Experiment with different percentages depending on your profit margins to find the percentage that is most effective for you. Any reputable eCommerce shopping cart should be able to make these adjustments dynamically, either site-wide or specific to a certain category or product. Remember to keep your profit margins in mind when creating these discounts, as increases in revenue are of the most value when you are making substantial profit on each sale.

#3 – Buy Something, Get Something Else For Free

Again, everybody loves free stuff. You can setup free product giveaways if a certain product is purchased or if sales of a specific product are dwindling.

If you’d like to increase your average order value, try adding a free product if a certain dollar amount is spent. You’ll be giving your customer the impression that they’re receiving a better value, while psychologically priming them to have a positive outlook on your company after the transaction. At the same time, it will create an incentive for them to spend more money each time they frequent your site.

#4 – Quantity Discounts

Another great way to improve sales and average order value is to offer discounts based on the quantity purchased of a specific product. These discounts can be structured any number of ways, including a flat rate, a fixed percentage, or a sliding scale.

This can be especially advantageous to eCommerce websites that are looking to sell both to the average consumer as well as distributors and merchants that need to buy in bulk. You can setup your quantity discount structure such that those looking to purchase in bulk do not have to contact you directly to negotiate a price. The more automation your website has in this regard, the more labor hours your company can allot to innovation and growth.

#5 – Offering Reward Points

Offering your customers rewards point for each dollar spent is a great way to encourage visitors to become loyal, repeat customers. These reward points can be expressed in “points” or “dollar-value”, depending on what you think makes more sense for your target market. Many believe that website visitors are more enticed to spend “50 Dollars” vs “50 Reward Points”, so keep that psychology in mind when determining how to name your points system.

Getting creative with the naming of your rewards points system also presents an opportunity to strengthen your brand. For example, “Airplane Ticket Reward Points System” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as “Frequent Flyer Miles”.

When To Use Special Offers:

While most eCommerce websites are practically always running some sort of special offer, there are certain times when special offers should especially be considered.

  1. Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly
  2. Pre-launch (of a website, of a new product, or anything else applicable)
  3. Holiday / Seasonal Promotions (Black Friday and Christmas are obvious, but also any holidays or seasons that align with your brand… e.g if you sell weight loss products, create a promotion centered around New Year’s resolutions.
  4. Abandoned Cart – Target abandoned carters via email with special offers to seal the deal.
  5. Email / Newsletter Subscription Offers – Include special offers and promotions exclusive to those on your email list. Advertise this on the site to encourage newsletter and email list signups!
  6. Social Media Engagement Incentivisation (e.g. Like us on Facebook for a 10% coupon)
  7. First Time Visitors – Create special offers for those making their first visit to your site.
  8. Customer Loyalty – reward repeat customers with special offers
  9. When it looks like a user intends to exit the page, you can create a special pop-up offer to entice them to stay on the site and make a purchase.

We recommend working directly with your eCommerce SEO company to help implement these strategies on your eCommerce website. Combining SEO expertise with an intimate understanding of your business is the best way to fill in the gaps from the ideas above. Furthermore, your eCommerce SEO agency will be able to align their SEO efforts with your eCommerce promotions so that your strategies can work together in harmony.

The Influence of Promotional Items

Companies for more than one reason have realised the importance of promotional items. The main function of custom items is to draw customers towards a company, create in them the need for a particular product or service and then encourage them to act in the required direction. With a wide range of products available in the market, it becomes difficult for the consumer to decide which product is the best. By giving them free printed items, it becomes easier for the customer to decide which company is genuine and believes in providing quality products. Thus, it becomes essential for the company to zero down to a product which suits the company’s products and services.

Another important feature of personalised products is that they continuously remind people about the product and its role. The first step after a client is given a promotional gift is that the customer receives information in the form of being aware of company’s products and services. The second step involves repeated use of the gift which in a way remains in the customer’s persuasive mind till a need is generated to buy products and services made available by the company. The third step comprises of being influenced to go buy the product. Such is the power of printed products.

Promotional items are available in many forms-computer and travel accessories, paper products, clothing, sports products and many more. Personalised items are given to your clients in the form of corporate and business gifts as tokens of appreciation, acknowledging clients in doing business with them. These items can also be used as incentives for your staff members encouraging and motivating them to improve the overall productivity. It is a proven fact that employees work harder after been provided with printed items at regular intervals. Online stores are the leading online suppliers of custom items in the UK who do not believe in compromising on quality.

They help you select the best and right promotional items that display your company’s niche products effectively. There are innumerable custom items in the market that can stand as appealing and ensure a wide visibility for your product but to decide on one is a difficult choice. Their team of experienced experts will help you to select the right gift keeping your needs and requirements in mind. For more information on printed items and gifts, get online and maximise your sales returns.

For more information on custom gifts, personalised products and promotional items check out some of the leading online suppliers today where you can tap into their wealth of experience to ensure that your next marketing campaign is well targeted and sets off on the right footing. You can make massive savings simply by requesting a quick quote for particular items in order to get the right idea about the costs for promoting your business or for giveaways at your next trade show.

Do not forget to check out their special offers and great deals on selected items and request samples of their products to ensure you are getting what you want for your next convention.

Sit Back and Relax – Promotional Spa Products

When it comes to promotional spa products… We’ve got you covered! Sit back, relax, and read on for all the information you need regarding logo imprinted spa products.

Why Promotional Spa Items? You can’t go wrong with spa products. Whether you’re using them as prizes for your wellness program, giving them out as gifts to your employees or loyal customers, or selling them for a company fundraiser, custom spa merchandise is a great choice. Spa products are appreciated by employees, customers and prospects alike because they’re useful and make everyone feel good. So what kinds of spa items are available as advertising specialties? Just about anything you can think of. Here are a few examples:

Promotional Towels Besides the fact that everyone uses towels, there are many reasons to use logo imprinted towels for your next promotion:

* Towels are “one size fits all,” so there’s no need to worry about different sizes for all the recipients.
* Towels have a much larger imprint area than most other promotional items, so your logo, message, or company information is hard to miss.
* Towels are durable, so they can be machine washed over and over for endless use.
* They’re useful! Towels are used every day by most people, as well as for fun activities like like swimming, golfing, and boating.
* Towels never go out of style!

Custom Embroidered Robes Embroidered robes aren’t only for hotels and resorts. They can make great gifts for special customers or members, and they also work well for fundraisers. There are dozens of styles and colors to choose from, ranging from simple to simply luxurious.

Promotional Candles Candles are another great promotional spa product that you can have imprinted with your logo. Choose from spa candles, tea lights, votives, travel candles, candle tins with imprinted lids, and more. They’re available in many different scents, as well. Candles make great advertising specialty giveaways because they engage the sense of smell, which is a powerful memory trigger. There’s a great chance the recipient will remember the message you have imprinted on the candle.

Promotional Spa Kits Imprinted spa kits are another great gift idea for both employees and customers. With your help, they’ll be able to relax, renew, and rejuvenate. That’s a gift that anyone could use, and it will most definitely be appreciated. Choose from dozens of kits containing assorted promotional spa products.

Promotional Skincare and Beauty Products Your choices are almost endless when it comes to promotional spa merchandise. Choose from any of the following:

* Sunscreen
* Lotions and creams
* Soaps * Bath salts
* Eye masks and sleep masks
* Aromatherapy
* Footcare
* Nail Polish
* Brushes and combs
* Emery boards
* Lip balm and gloss
* Hand sanitizers
* Bubble bath
* Room Spray

If you’re looking to get your message out there in a memorable way, promotional spa products are always an excellent choice.