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Top Home Business Ideas – Think Outside the Square – Part 2

This article is part 2 in a series of six articles which is looking at the ten contemporary home business ideas for anyone to do from home. Each business is explained as well as outlining what the start up costs will be and the skills required to successfully develop the business.

One of the main problems is that people can not think of any ideas to come up with to start moving towards their own work from home business. This article series discusses some of the most popular businesses to start from home.

The previous article discussed becoming a t-shirt designer. The focus of this article is becoming an art consultant or a commercial photographer.

  • Art Consultant

There is a general understanding that art works beatify the work and home environment. However, not all people have the taste or the understanding of art that allows them to display the works in a beautiful way. More and more importance is being placed on aesthetically pleasing environments to show case for business and home environments which have meant that a market has been created for educated art consultants.

The increasing trend for art consultants means that there is a definite opportunity to break into this business. Obviously, you require the skills to be able to recognise great artworks and the ability to display that art well in the chosen environment of your customer.

Communication skills are also a must in this business. An art consultant must be able to attend initial site visits, openly discuss the customer’s preferences and tastes, budget, have great presentation skills (artworks and personal appearance) and have the means to deliver and install the artworks.

Costs involved for start up are generally around advertising and marketing your business. This business does not require purchasing the artworks personally although; this could be a good side line. List your business in art magazines, distribute brochures, produce a portfolio and advertise in local newspapers.

If you are creative, self motivated and a good communicator then this could be the new career for you.

  • Commercial Photographer

Do you fancy yourself as an amateur photographer? Do people comment on your photos and tell you how fabulous they are? Why not make some money selling your photos for commercial purposes?

There are a number of types of commercial photography but here are a few to consider

Advertising Photography – this is mainly product promotion. Submit your photos to advertising agencies.

Fashion Photography – this is pretty self explanatory but photos of models can be submitted to modeling agencies to promote the model or a clothing range.

Web catalogues and brochures – you could produce your own catalogues for a particular range of clothing/product or submit photos to catalogues that have an existing product to sell.

Event Photography – Photos of weddings, corporate or venue photo/s.

Images for advertising are one of the best and most effective ways to promote a product or service. “A picture says a thousand words”. Given the current start of most markets and the competitive nature of advertising, businesses are always looking for new and exciting images to promote their business.

Start up costs can be minimal depending upon the type of camera that you choose to take your photos with. Some advertising costs would also be required to get your service noticed and an ability to cold call on businesses to present your photos. Investing in a professional portfolio would also be in your best interest.

Your skills will be the ability to recognise a great photo opportunity and the ability to sell those images to a client. Get creative and start paying attention to your environment to see which photos you could take to make your photos stand out from the crowd.

The next article will discuss becoming a technical writer and a web designer.

Helpful Tips For Choosing Promotional Products

Promotional products help a lot in making your business marketing successful. It provides leverage allowing the company to grow its customer base and improve the profits. It has been observed by certain advertising institutes during a study they have performed that about eighty two percent of recipients recalled the name of the business associated behind the logoed promotional item. Furthermore, studies have revealed that a promotional product is still considered as a cost-effective, high impact ad medium that empowers small businesses to gain substantial return of investment like big corporations.

So even when technology is beginning to reshape the approach of businesses to promote and advertise their products and services, several companies still rely heavily on the promotional products. Being able to choose the right promotional product is important as this determines the success of the campaign. Here are a few quick tips to help you when choosing an appropriate item you would put your brand name on.

First, you’ve got to make it useful. When you choose promotional items that are of great use to your recipients, it is more likely that your brand exposure and increase of sales will be accomplished. It therefore implies that you have to know your target market. Some studies have revealed that a large group of consumers are more inclined to wearing logoed headwear.

It is a perfect choice for most companies to go with branded headwear in places where it gets pretty hot, as it will be indeed very useful. So there are more chances that the caps will be worn. And when they are worn, they practically serve as an advertising medium, which will benefit your business.

It is also important to make your promotional product unique, however it also has to be relevant to your business. It is true that the consumers of today demand a lot more from businesses. Regardless if you are running a business to consumer or business-to-business enterprise, you need to be able to engage your customers with your promotional products in a way that they will reflect the nature of your business.

As an example, an adventure sports gear and equipment manufacturer can distribute promotional watches that are waterproof. On the other hand computer repair shops and IT services businesses may give out USB drives that have their brand on them. A brewery business could offer promotional stubby holders, which are designed like wooden barrels. There are just different ideas that businesses can capitalize on.

Lastly, the businesses have to make sure that the promotional products they give out are made from high-quality materials. It is natural that items that break easily get thrown out fast and those of good quality are kept longer. When choosing the manufacturer to provide you with promotional products that you can offer to your market, it is important to consider quality of the products. Promotional items that are sturdy and of good quality will reflect the brand’s reputation on delivering only the best products or services to their clients.

Affiliate Marketing – What Products to Promote and Why?

Are you new to affiliate marketing or are you someone who is already in to affiliate marketing but not making enough money to make ends meet? Your problem could be that you are promoting the wrong products. In this article I am going to show you exactly what kind of products to promote and why. This will help you go from just a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars every month.

There are affiliate programs available for almost everything you can possibly think. There are so much things you can promote that there’s good probability that you end up promoting the wrong products. So what kind of products do you need to promote?

The answer can be simple when I say whatever sells. But the problem comes when majority of the physical products sell as good online as they do offline. What’s the reason? It’s just because they are available everywhere around you. Another big reason why selling physical product can be a bad idea is that, they only pay you a measly commission. You are in fact lowering your standard by working for some cheap dollars.

So what is your best option? Simple… Always promote digital stuffs when you are doing the marketing in the online digital medium. The benefits of promoting digital products far outweighs any physical product promotions.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Selling Digital Products

1. Digital information products pay a very high commissions. Sometime as high as 75% to 100% of the original price. Never heard of a 100% commission product? Yes that’s no typo, there are some digital products that offers 100% commissions to affiliates. They are doing it just to either build their list or to get sales from affiliate links inside their digital product?

2. Digital products are delivered digitally, almost instantly after the payment is made. This again accounts for the high demand for digitally deliverable products. Because of this there are no delivery issues or damages and complaints.

3. You can easily offer digital products as bonus to make more affiliate sales. But it won’t be reasonable to offer an eBook when someone buys a physical product like a television of fridge. They are just not used to digital goods and they are not going to appreciate your bonus.

4. The demand for information products will never die. In fact the entire internet is full of information. All content whether articles or videos or audios are nothing more than information. (Except for the entertainment stuffs like music) There is an unending demand for information and the demand will only grow by time. This is why digitally deliverable information products are so easy to sell.

Now that you know what kind of products to promote and why, jump in and start planing ways to take your digital products and information marketing business to the next level.