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Promotions – Keep It Simple

From pens, to mugs, to wooden nickels, promotions can be found on almost anything. In today’s age of technology, businesses have to figure out how to make their brand stand out. Instead of trying to outsmart the competition, just keep it simple.

The most effective ideas will always be those that are easy to understand. If the message isn’t clear, the promotion won’t work. It’s easy to stick a company name or logo on anything but is it effective? The message has to agree with the promotion. For example, H&R Block has been known to use business cards that resemble a credit card. Their message is that if people use H&R Block, they will get money back. By appearing as a credit card, consumers will view using H&R Block as an investment that will all but guarantee getting money back for their taxes. The business card is still a business card, but the message is clear and simple.

That’s not to say having common practice promotions such as company pens is bad. It’s a very important marketing tool that is constantly switching hands. If you look on any account executives desk in America there will probably be a large amount of pens from an array of vendors. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to advertise. However, the pen cannot stand alone with a name or logo and be effective. There has to be an association or brand awareness. This isn’t something you can communicate with a pen or any small promotional item. There simply isn’t room for a lot of copy to communicate a message. In order to be effective, the promotion must represent what the company represents. Whether that means personally handing out a promo or creating a promo that is a representation of the company. For example, an ice company might give out free ice scrapers with its company name or logo on it. The ideas have to be simple, and have to be effective. Otherwise company dollars are wasted that could be used to effectively promote the product.

Promotional items should have the quality to last. The target has to have a reason to keep whatever it is you give them. Believe it or not, people love giveaways and receiving promotional products. Why is this? The number one reason is because they’re free. Who doesn’t like getting something they can use without having to pay for it? Also, if the promotion is specific to the target audience and its preferences, they associate your brand as unique and different from others in the same market.

It may seem like a complicated process to achieve a simple, effective promotion. Just remember it’s all about your target. They have to see your message exactly how you want them to see it. Effective promotions can turn the people you once considered prospects to consumers, but the key is having an effective plan. You have to know your target and how to raise awareness to your product. Though many see it as insignificant, promotional products can be the difference between meeting this quarter’s goals or not. Anything that displays your company or what you’re about is a way to increase your business. Even though it is just a promotion, treat it like a gift.

Know Box Thinking – 3 Ways to Promote Idea Sharing in a Multigenerational Workforce

We hear it all the time. “I need someone to give me an outside the box idea.” Outside the Box Thinking is generally viewed as something groundbreaking. It is recognized by your peers or leader as a unique idea that will increase customer or employee satisfaction to new levels, and in return, generate more market share, revenue and profits.

Let’s put a different spin on this and look at it from a leadership perspective. We have four generations in the workplace that all have different characteristics and motivations. The Traditionalist values hard work and expects to pay his dues to move forward in the organization. On the other end of the demographic spectrum, The Generation Y team member tends to be technologically savvy, needs frequent feedback and expects constant momentum toward his or her career goals. Throw in the Baby Boomers and Generation Xers and you can see why leaders are often left scratching their heads on how to get the most from their team members.

What might happen if we replace the adage of “Outside The Box Thinking” with “Know Box Thinking?” Let’s remove the idea of the four walls around us and use some other techniques. Listed below are three ideas on how to get the most from the multigenerational workforce using Know Box Thinking.

Reverse Mentoring – Take advantage of the Gen Y’s technological aptitude and knowledge through mentoring. Gen Y team members can help a Boomer or Traditionalist learn to use new technology applications like LinkedIn or a software package. In return, the Gen Y team member spends quality time with someone who can share their insight and experience about working in the organization and the business world. This is a quick way to build team rapport and transfer knowledge about customers, marketing strategies and institutional knowledge that would otherwise take years for the Gen Y team member to master.

Intrapreneurship – This is a way for employees of all generations to work within a company in an entrepreneurial capacity, creating new products and ideas that will generate a positive return for the company. The best example is Apple Computer’s Macintosh team, who went back to the garage to develop a product that is now recognized as one of the finest in its class. Employees who are encouraged to be internal entrepreneurs feel they are part of an exciting small business or startup. They become more committed and engaged, and customers benefit.

Pod Work – What’s a pod you ask? Recently, I was in a continuing education program, and the instructor told us we were going to work in pods. Am I that out of touch that I didn’t know the definition of a pod? Well, I wasn’t the only one. In the most literal sense, pod work is grouping team members together in a specific location. However, it’s much more than that. Yes, pods focus on teamwork, but pods work in a way where the individuals are trained to judge themselves on what they should do in the best interests of the team. They connect the team members, partners and networks of each member to ensure they have strong ties to get the work done well. Pods focus on cooperation and learning. The members focus on positivity, and ensuring there are a basic core set of team member behaviors that can be employed consistently.

As a leader, how do you think this kind of thinking will be received? It recognizes the differences among the multigenerational workforce and takes advantage of the respective skill sets of each group. Employees become engaged and feel they are setting their own course all the while engaging their colleagues along the way.

Yes, there are other tools that can be part of your “Know Box Thinking” approach. These three will get you headed in the right direction. You are going to be more successful in recruiting and retaining the best talent with Know Box Thinking. Don’t be surprised when increased productivity and improved financial results follow. Just do one thing! Don’t confuse Know Box Thinking with No Box Thinking. Don’t settle. The best leaders enable and encourage people to set their own dates and deliverables through a balance of independent and interdependent thinking. Isn’t this what all employees from all generations want from the leadership team?

Promotional Mouse Mats Are Not a New Idea for Advertising

Gone are the days when advertising used to be a job of the rich business houses. Today every business organisation, whether big or small, undertakes some or the other kind of advertising to take its business forward. Advertising in the present scenario is more of a necessity rather than a matter of choice. The immense competition that governs the market is responsible for giving advertising its present stature. It is this cut throat competition that compels every organisation to seek the support of advertising. Even the smallest of business organisations in the current scenario undertake some or the other kind of promotion to endorse their business.

Advertising always becomes easy for the big business firms that have huge financial resources at their disposal. But the problem lies for the small-scale businesses that due to financial constraints cannot afford to spend much on their brand promotion. The perfect solution for these small-scale businesses came in the wake of products. Products, in a way have revolutionised the advertising and marketing strategies being carried out by businesses. Today it is not just the small businesses that are using these products to their advantage but the giant multi national corporations as well.

Although every item has its own ability to endorse your brand but there is absolutely nothing to second promotional mouse mats in advertising matter. They make for a great advertising vehicle and can keep you upfront for a long time to come. Their office-oriented nature ensures that they get you noticed several times a day. Using personalised mouse mats can make for a great advertising strategy as it keeps you in the sight of your audiences for a long time ahead. Their low cost nature is the cherry on the icecream and contributes in making them a cost effective way of advertising your business.

The concept of using customised mouse mats to advertise your business is a great idea but not a new one. Promotional mouse mats might not be as old as pens or mugs but they have also been in use for a very long time now. Almost every business has used these personalised mouse mats to their advantage and reaped the rich harvest out of it. As a matter of fact, the consistent usage of these mouse mats has got them a permanent place in the most popular category of products.

The idea of using promotional mouse mats might not be new but continues to be as effective as ever. Great exposure at low costs makes these promotional mouse mats a must use item. So what are you waiting for? Get these promotional mouse mats right away online.