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4 Green Promotional Products That Say “We Care”

Green promotional products are a statement, and they’re also becoming very much part of the promotional merchandising landscape in terms of market share. Very strong demand is coming from business for real green promotional materials of all types. Many businesses are themselves strongly committed to green products, and insist on eco-friendly promotional materials.

The green profile issue is definitely affecting promotional products. Some businesses and their clients just won’t look at any promotional items which aren’t certified fully green. They also view very negatively any products which are obviously not environmentally friendly. This is a consistent market trend, and has expanded dramatically in recent years.

Custom green promotional products

A custom green promotional product needs to be well placed in terms of the audience. The green products are effective promotion of corporate or personal values, but they also work best on recipients who are inclined to be responsive to them.

One advantage of the this marketing approach is that it sends a very strong message. Customized products require more planning than the more conventional variety, but they can also be easily managed in terms of branding.

Corporate green promotional products

This is an area in which sensitivity in terms of promotional products is a primary consideration. Corporate green promotional initiatives can be very effective, and are also well positioned for establishing or reinforcing a market profile in terms of corporate image. They’re particularly useful in making a green policy statement.

In practice, green products are very popular in Australia. They represent cultural values, particularly when associated with local green industry products. The green products are also a strong positive in terms of supporting local manufacturers of these products, another good effect.

Solar products

Solar promotion products are the epitome of a truly green promotional idea. There are some excellent solar products on the market and they definitely qualify as high impact promotional methods. As promotional merchandise, solar products also equate to high value as useful long term promotional methods.

Low carbon footprint products

The sheer variety of low carbon footprint products is a particularly important consideration when selecting a promotional package or range.

These are a few examples of the very large range of green promotional options:

  • Recycled goods: A huge range of recycled consumer goods, particularly paper and plastics.
  • Sustainable goods: Bamboo memory sticks, jute bags, magnetic energy torches, water powered clocks,
  • Gadgets: Shower timers, computer power savers, solar powered universal chargers.
  • Packaging: Fabric satchels, carry bags, pet carrier bags, briefcase bags and shopping bags.

As you can see, the range is extensive, and there’s also a lot of new technology and new takes on old technology. Green promotional products are a combination of direct material and personal values and functionality. This is the archetypal profile of the best promotional items.

Direct E-Mail Promotion Ideas That Finish Sales

Targeted mail campaign is an effective way for promoting brands, product and services. But to give your campaign a boost to further gains, try out these ten e-mail merchandising tips studied to maximize gross revenue:

1. Be way ahead with clients while they sign up with your e-mails. . Be open and reliable about electronic mail sending frequency like twice away, daily, weekly, or monthly and message what kind of message rendered. Visitors will end up subscribing simply because you have undertaken not to send anything else other than what you have disclosed and also stated how often you will send the message.

2. Convey systematically. . Don’t imagine achieving substantial results from just exclusive electronic mail. Instead include information that will authenticate to visitors you intent to stick to terms and condition you have stated in the sign up form like sending once a month or once a week. This too will make customers to believe your organization is a serious one and do not intend to misuse their contact information should they sign up.

3. Write a compelling message. . Your clients should progress to the purchasing page if the product or service explanation is compelling and persuasive. Keep in mind that any visitor to your site is at liberty to ignore your site and go anywhere but also that is opportunity to impress your visitors. What you write on your product or service description page or just on your website will define what activities your visitor will perform on your site. If your statistics inform you that your visitors just came to the home page and varnished, then something is wrong. Write persuasive content on your site that connect well with you email subject and message so that if any visitor click the link in the email and land to your home page, what they find connect favorably with the message for them to believe in it.

4. Propose an inducement for your clients to purchase. . Think of what can persuade your clients to buy your product or service and include it. This can include a gift, a trial period, discount or a combination of several inducements. In order to produce a courteous irresistible desire for each client, personalize your offerings grounded on preceding buying demeanor.

5. Produce an initiation to build excitement and set about a nature of weight. . Encourage customers to buy through sending word to them that a particular product or service will commence in few days to come and include a statement that will make them incited and wanting to experiment with product. Find away of knowing the clients feelings about the new product even before the product is launched. You can for example include in the mail a link that way clients to click and auto respond on how they feel about the coming product or service based on what you have stated. This will enable you to better the email campaign prior to product or service launch.

6. Custom-make your e-mail messages. . Write a personalized email message that connects with your clients as if you were talking to them in person. Always use “you” not “I” so that the client will feel you more. Again speak to them by name, and tailor-make messages founded on preceding buying demeanor, geographic placement or interest.

7. Complement promotional materials with useful information. . Try as much as possible when marketing a new product to accompany the message with some useful data that support the product or service being marketed. For example when promoting email marketing, include a link to a research done by a well known research company that support email marketing as one of the best internet marketing strategies. This will add value to the content of your message.

8. Request customers’ opinion when sending out promotional messages . Whenever customers express their opinion about a product, they are simply informing you that they care about your product and want to see it becoming a better product. So if you want to gain from customers then include as much as possible their opinion in product or service packaging. For this reason when launching a promotion for a new product, request your customers for their opinions, preferences also.

9. Provide a clear, direct call to action.
This is very necessary that you don’t just tell customers or visit to directly click ot but a product but also information on the product like features, expectation and weaknesses for example if a software is not compatible with a certain operating system let your clients know so that they don’t buy a software only to find they can’t use it.

10. Simplify the purchasing process.. If your customers are persuaded to buy your product, then work. However sometime you find a customer who wanted to buy but is turn away by purchasing process. The process should not be one that makes the customer to abandon the product without buy. My suggestion is to ask for as few information as possible then ask more once the purchase is completed. For example, if you receive payments through paypal, just ask customers to enter their paypal email so that they process payment and once the payment goes through, then give them a form to enter other details like name, country and address for you to forward to them their receipt. The choice is you’re on what information to ask for and at what stage of purchasing to ask for them. Always remember that the chance of a customer who is turned away by purchasing process coming back to buy again is very low. Act on the first instance and convert the sale. Set to start simplifying your e-mail promotion drives foster maximizing impression? Sign up now with a reliable email service provider.

Black Friday Promotion Ideas for Your Foreclosure Cleanup and Real Estate Service Business

Black Friday is almost here, and many businesses, both large and small, are capitalizing off this frenzied shopping day. As a service business in the real estate contracting industry, you, too, can benefit from promoting your business during this busy holiday season.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is traditionally the Friday right after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Though it’s not a formal holiday, many workers have the day off, and it’s the beginning of a holiday shopping frenzy.

Depending on where you get your information, the term Black Friday dates back as far as 1869, when it referred to a financial crisis. In recent times, however, it’s most widely remembered as being associated with over-crowed streets and shopping outlets in Downtown Philadelphia back in 1966. Although its usage was primarily on the East coast, it has become a commonly used term in most parts of the United States today.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday generally occurs some time between November 23rd and November 29th. According to data provided by Reuters, in 2007, well over one million individuals (135 million to be exact) took part in the shopping rush that was Black Friday.

Longer than a 24-Hour Period

It seems every year the time period for Black Friday expands. Sales and specials are no longer isolated to that one day after Thanksgiving; merchants and service businesses can be seen starting their actual time period for promotions over a week early. And this year, especially, some promotions will be running well beyond midnight on the day after Thanksgiving and into the following month.

Use the Expanded Time to Promote Your Foreclosure Cleanup Business

As a foreclosure cleanup business, you can certainly use this expanded promotion time to your advantage. It’s wise to plan to touch your clients with information about your business, specials and promotions.

Ideas for Black Friday as a Real Estate Service Business

1. Pricing Specials. As a service business, you can offer special prices: cleanout specials, debris removal specials, lawn care (trimming, pruning, limb removal), gutter cleaning and pressure washing specials, etc. Send out postcard coupons that can be redeemed well after the holiday season, but send them out during the Black Friday promotion period.

2. Electronic Estimates. You can even offer quick electronic estimates. Though we don’t really advocate giving an estimate unless you actually see a property, you can let your clients know you will shoot them a ball-park, broad-range estimate via email during the busy holiday shopping season. Many realtors will take advantage of this to see if your pricing is in line with what they hope to pay for a service in the future.

Remember, in the beginning phase of starting your business, you’ll be an “estimate machine.” So offering to give electronic, “broad range” estimates will give you a reason to contact clients using tactics outside of your normal business realm — and, more importantly, a reason to follow up with potential clients in the future to firm up your estimates by visiting properties.

3. Electronic Discount Coupons. To add to the above, attach an electronic coupon to the estimate you forward to your potential client with a percentage off once the estimate is finalized.

4. Meetings. You can contact your realtor clients and offer to host one of their in-house team meetings during November-December. (Bring a couple of boxes of donuts for the realtors.)

During the meeting, you can choose to discuss the foreclosure cleanup industry and how you and your business can help them get their homes ready for the market faster. (Brokers appreciate guest speakers during team meetings — and free donuts! — because more realtors are likely to show up when there’s a free breakfast and informative outside speaker who can help them grow their business and generate more closed sales.)

Quick Example: As a special promotion, for the products’ aspect of a foreclosure cleanup business, a “Foreclosure Cleanup Business in a Box” discount promotion was created as a Black Friday marketing tool to promote a line of books about the industry.

TIP:Remember, if you’re giving discounts during Black Friday, make them deep for maximum promotion benefit. It’s what your clients will expect.

Don’t Let this Crucial Promotion Time Pass You By

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about Black Friday promotion ideas for your business. Don’t let this crucial promotion time pass you by. Brainstorm some ideas for your business.

Good luck promoting your business during the holiday season and beyond!