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How to Generate Embarrassingly Low – Cost Ideas to Promote Your Business

In tough, competitive markets, businesses need to come up with fresh ways to promote their products and services. Promotions attract attention to your products and services, help make them stand out from your competitors and give your sales a much-needed boost when customers are looking for strong reasons why they should buy from you.

Rethink your positioning

Some entrepreneurs think promotions mean discounts. They baulk at offering discounts when sales are down more than a third on the previous year, and larger chains are offering incredibly low-priced deals. Promotion doesn’t have to equal discounts. Assess the value of your offer, the quality of your service and guarantee. Think low costs, high impact.

How can you change your offer to a market that is cautious about spending? If you have been selling expensive products and services in the good times, you’ll need to rethink your strategy in a price-driven environment. Your marketing materials also need to reflect and reinforce your cost-value proposition.

Think through your positioning strategy carefully because positioning moves are like those you make on a chessboard. Your move may prompt your competitors to make counter moves. So you need to think about not only your next move but the one you’ll need to make after your competitors have responded to your repositioning.

Quick promotional ideas brainstorm

Use idea generation tools and techniques to come up with new ideas to promote your business. Brainstorm ideas and keep them in a notebook, a journal or on record cards (3 x 5 cards). Choose your best three and try one out.

Check what other businesses are doing by reading magazines, dropping in on stores unrelated to your business and speaking to business people you trust. Listen to customers because they can be your best source of promotional idea.

Gold in mailing lists

Do you have a customer mailing list with both postal and e-mail addresses? How quickly can you mail out a special offer to your customers? A physical sales letter is personalised and can stand out in a crowded market.

Consider updating and building your customer list because it is a marketing “asset”. Customers mailing lists are valuable because they represent people who have bought products before — and may need your products or service in the future.

Social media strategy

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and other Internet-based social networking offer low-cost promotional opportunities. But you need to know what you are doing. You must know how to promote your business without turning off prospects. You need to devote time to keep your content fresh. Will your social media marketing provide any follow through for conversion? A Facebook page may not convert any new business but customers may ask why you don’t have one.

Professionalise your communications

Poorly written and designed marketing materials are a recipe for disaster. Getting in well-meaning family members, friends and secretaries to write with no knowledge of business or marketing is just plain short-sighted. Even blogs for small businesses can be better handled by a professional copywriter or ghostwriter. You may especially need such services if you are in your store or business the whole day and can’t find the time to write blog posts and publish them. You also need to learn how to promote your blog because there are gazillions of then out there (get a number for how many blogs there are).

Network face to face

Networking with your customers at your local chamber or commerce or business organisation is often the last thing on the entrepreneur’s mind. But it provides a strong opportunity to promote your business face to face. Think carefully about driving customers to your business through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn when you aren’t even doing some direct selling by calling on businesses in your town or city.

A low-cost prospecting idea

While everyone is blasting out e-mails, Facebook posts and Tweets, track down names that you spot in newspapers, magazines and even advertising flyers if you think those people will make good prospects. Call them or pay them a visit — personal contact will stand out from the electronic blizzard.

Arrange a promotional ideas swop meet

Share your promotional ideas with your fellow business people. Perhaps organise an idea swap meet group which involves meeting like-minded business people once a month to share new sales and promotional ideas that have worked.

Promotion helps your products and services jump out in a competitive, tight marketplace. By generating your own promotional ideas, you may not only save costs but you will breath life into your sales when your business needs it most.

Get Your Logo Stepping With a Promotional Pedometer

Health is a big issue for many people today. They are trying to eat foods that are better for their health as well as exercising more. This makes a great target for marketing and promoting your business. Using “health-conscious” items to promote your business is a splendid idea. A great item to use is a step counter. It is small, low-cost, and it shows the community that you and your business support healthy lifestyles.

Step counters are also known as pedometers. What they do is take count of how many steps a person takes in a day and sometimes they can also calculate the distance walked, the amount of calories burned, heart rate and much more. There are even step counters with AM/FM radio for those people who listen to music while they walk and there are also talking pedometers. Every so often they will announce the number of steps taken which is great because the person using them doesn’t have to stop to see their progress. Talking pedometers are also great for those people who have trouble with their vision.

Custom walking pedometers are great items to help encourage people to walk and keep them active. Studies have shown that walking pedometers motivate people to walk and also helps to keep them at it. It helps them to get out there, set new goals, set their own pace, and feel great about themselves.

Walking can also save money and can cut down on gas emissions given off by cars. By walking to the store or to work they no longer have to pay for gym membership fees. They aren’t driving the car to work or to other places, which can cut gas emissions given off by the car and help save money on gas. Help lead the way to a greener earth by giving your customers customized pedometers.

Promotional pedometers are also great gifts for the employees. Walking produces a chemical called serotonin which is a feel good hormone. With more people feeling good in the office, the better the office will run. Also, walking helps create healthier lives by boosting the immune system. With the immune system working, people are less prone to illnesses. This, in turn, leads to less sick days and more productivity.

Promotional step counters are also great for medical company campaigning. It will help them promote their products while also promoting health to the community. It is a very unique way to get your logo up and running.

Using pedometers as a promotional tool is a fantastic idea. By providing these to the public you are providing them motivation to walk and be healthy. They are great items to help make getting fit easier and more fun. It is something that will always be used by workers, friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else.

Promotional Mouse Mats – Add Your Logo

When it comes to planning your advertising and marketing campaign, giving off promotional gifts to clients and customers, free of cost, is a good idea. These promotional gifts are usually customised, and carry the names, contact details, and messages of the brand seeking organisation. These promotional items work as great advertising tools by virtue of their appeal and visibility.

There are numerous items that can be selected as free gifts, but the type of gift should uniquely depend on the nature of your target audience and the product or service you deliver. If you have a diverse audience, a uniformly common gift, at our times, can be mouse mats. In fact, customised mouse mats might come as a great advertising idea. The only challenge comes in the guise of design. Design plays a very vital role when it comes to promotional mouse mats and you have to be very creative in getting your customers on board and making them appreciate your promotional mouse mats.

It doesn’t matter how much a client might love to do business with you but if your promotional mouse mats are not stylish, they will have a poor impression of your capability or ethics. In short, it is a money waste if you didn’t take the time to sort out a design that would please your customer base. Your designed promotional mouse mats should appeal to a large section of your customer base. Try to think out of the box and make it look more creative and attractive. Printed mouse mats are easily customised by imprinting your company name, logo, slogan, and message.

While designing promotional mouse mats, take care that it should not be too bright or loud. Your promotional mouse mats should complement your clients’ desks and tastes instead of taking them over. If the colours of images of your promotional mouse mats are distracting, your customers will never use them. Try to discuss the design with your advertising department and see if you can incorporate the latest ideas into your promotional mouse mats.

Your company name, logo, and slogan should be printed prominently on the mouse mats; however, do not let them completely take over or else your promotional mouse mats will look like large business cards. Simplicity is the mantra in promotional mouse mats. Avoid making your printed promotional mouse mats overly complicated. This will not only cost more to print but also won’t attract or appeal to the large numbers. After all, your main aim is to get appreciation and compliment from your customers who will act as your brand ambassadors.

Once your promotional mouse mats are designed, created, and distributed, the extra effort will certainly pay off in the form of more customers and more referrals. It couldn’t get better than having a large piece of advertising on the desk of many of your clients to boost your business. For more useful advice and creative promotional ideas, get in touch with the executives at one of the leading online companies.

There are a range of UK based suppliers providing a wide range of promotional mouse mats at an affordable price. Here, you will be dealing with expert designers who make your promotional mouse mats look more attractive and eye catching. Along with promotional mouse mats, leading companies also offers other promotional items such as pens, rulers, bags, caps, USB, golf balls, shirts, and much more. For knowing more about promotional mouse mats and other promotional gifts, check out the leading suppliers online.