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Marketing and Branding For Your Product Promotion

Marketing and branding are two different things that have one same purpose to up selling the product through a good strategy. While marketing do its strategy through campaign, sign board, brochure, advertising and so on, branding do its strategy through a name, sign, symbol, slogan and anything that could identify the specific product, service or business and to build the image of the product, or the service or the business itself.

Which one is more difficult, doing marketing strategy or branding strategy? I guess both are the same since they have their own difficulties that need to be solving out together. A lot of people already knew a bit about the strategy in Marketing. However not many people know about this branding strategy. They thought branding means just to introduce or to give the name of the product.

Marc Gobi, the designer, photographer, filmmaker, respected author and public speaker said that emotional branding is a new paradigm for connecting brand to people. Craig J. Thompson – the professor marketing at Wisconsin school of business said that emotional branding is a key to marketing success. So from the opinion of these two experts, you could know that branding is something that you need to prepare before setting the marketing strategy because developing a brand strategy is the most difficult one in marketing plan.

If you would like to start developing your brand, you should understand these points first; first of all you need to have primary target customer or client, second you need to be aware with the competition and able to set strategy for that, third, you need to mixture the product and the service, and the last one you need to fine a unique way to sell your product.

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Introduce Your Business To New Customers With Promotional Products

Every business today seeks growth and expansion. There is a constant urge to keep on adding to the profit margins. This is why every business tries to add on to its existing set of customers. Organisations come up with new strategies with each passing day to entice new customers. Heavy advertising, extensive pr, special offers like buy one get one free have all been used by organisations to build theirs customer base. Yet another strategy that can help an organisation win new customers is that of promotional products.

They can help you entice your prospective buyers and thereby add on to your existing customers. For the starters they help you introduce your brand to your customers. You cannot get anyone to buy your product till the time they are familiar with your brand. They need to know your first in order to purchase the product or service that is offered by your organisation. They effectively let you complete the first step by telling people about your brand. Owing to the usefulness they have to offer they very effectively popularize your brand. It is said that when the beginning is well, the ending is well. So with them you can give a perfect kick-start to your business.

Once your audience is familiar with your brand you can go ahead and entice them to buy your product. The idea of receiving a gift is liked by one and all and this is the reason why they are well received by anyone and everyone. They are received as thoughtful gifts and serve as a constant reminder of your organisation. When the recipient of these promotional product notices your brand day in and day out there are chances that he would at least like to give your product a try. And in favorable circumstances if your product happens to be something that the recipient of them desires you have well gained a new customer for your product.

Promotional products are the best way to go about if you are looking for new customers for your product pr service. They not only let you become a familiar name but also serve as a constant reminder for your brand. At times a great promotional gift might just get you some business from the recipient as a thank you. They are the perfect way of pleasing your potential clients and customers. With the right kind of item there is no looking back for your business and you can straight away make a direct entry into the good books of your clients which means that half the barrel is already won.

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Australian Promotional Products That Have Left Their Mark

Australian promotions are often underrated in Australia for their quality and content. Australia actually produces a lot of major brands known around the world, and the promotional process is the main reason they’re so well known. As a matter of fact, the “Australianization” of promotions has created a lot of major brand identities. Promotional products have been many and varied. From shrimps on barbies to Ugg boots, Fosters, Vegemite and Lexus cars, there is s a history of Australian products which have become household identities through promotion.

All things Australian- Promotional products that keep on selling

Australian promotions are very much lifestyle-based. The big names in Australian products are all linked to living-well in the true Australian sense. The famous brand name Eskies, for example, is a major promotional product. Any such product, to do with sport, all accessories, and any promotional image related to the iconic Australian sports, sells out.

The Australian image- A natural association in promotions

The appeal is in the association with lifestyle values. Australian products like Australian beers and foods all use promotional products in some form to advertise. This is a strong marketing relationship in which the Australian element is heavily featured. This is a sort of “two way branding”, in which the promotional product reflects the recipient’s values. The Fosters T shirt is considered Australian, as much as any sort of product promotion.

The commercial promotion approach

Promotional products are big business in Australia. A promotion company can order a whole suite of customized items online from major Australian suppliers, and set up a complete targeted promotional campaign easily. This flexibility in supply of promotional materials gives a lot of space for very effective creative marketing.

The unforgettable promotional products

Promotional advertising, marketing merchandising and promotional giveaways often combine to form unforgettable product identities:

Come on Aussie- This hook line created a huge range of promotional materials, everything from T shirts to songs, which then operated as strong selling material for promotion of both the campaign and the products.

The Boxing Kangaroo- The only kangaroo image which has persisted in Australian marketing other than QANTAS, the Boxing Kangaroo is a staple of the sports industry promotional materials.

Kids images- The Wiggles and Bananas in Pajamas are immovable and enduring fixtures on international kids promotions.

Australian Made- The distinctive logo has now been in service for decades, and is still actively

These iconic products are a good example of how promotional ideas translate into extremely strong promotional merchandise.

The most effective marketing combinations of Australian products all involve:

  • Strong brand presence creation
  • Good advertising materials tailored to the market
  • Good hook lines
  • A wide range of promotional product options based on the advertising

The range of promotional options is defined across market segments by the brand’s market identity. This branding approach is particularly useful for business promotional concepts where a specific market segment is being targeted. Creative marketing concepts really are the key to successful creative promotional methods.