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Promotion Ideas for Your Corporate Team

Building a corporate team is one of the most important facets of business today. Fostering teamwork, improving employee morale, and empowering employees are three key characteristics of the most successful organizations. Building an effective team is necessary to achieve these characteristics in your company. However, corporate teambuilding is an ongoing process that requires commitment at all levels of the organization. Continually updating your program with new ideas and initiatives will go a long way with employees.

Reinvigorate your teambuilding efforts with some of these fun ideas. They can be as simple as an internal event or as complex as an overnight retreat. Properly promoting the activity both before and after is as important to its success as the event itself.

Take your team to a local sporting event. Sporting events are a natural way to bring people together and create excitement. Arrange an outing for your employees to attend a local sporting event together. Hand out invitations in promotional sport bottles with your logo. Give each employee a logo seat cushion when they arrive at the game. These will help keep the excitement going even after the event. Make sure to seat employees next to people they don’t work with each day to encourage cross-departmental interaction.

Arrange a company tailgate. Pull employees together for an outdoor tailgate event. Use this as a platform to deliver company results, thank employees, and get them excited for new opportunities on the horizon. Have management grill for the team and arrange games for all to participate in. Hand out tailgating coolers to each employee, and be sure to have sport-themed prizes such as hand clappers and megaphones on hand for game winners.

Coordinate a team scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are a creative way to bring adventure and competition to employees. There are several scavenger hunt companies you can hire, or you can pull together an internal team of creative people to come up with the activities. Send out the team assignments ahead of time so they can start getting excited and come up with a team name. Give each team t-shirts and rally towels with their team name and take photos of them prior to the event. Give everyone a magnetic photo frame after the event with their team photo. The memories will be priceless.

Organize a corporate retreat. Corporate retreats don’t have to be only for executives, and they don’t have to break your budget. You can create an overnight retreat at a close location near a park or picnic facility to help minimize cost. Make sure to have a retreat objective or theme and build all activities around the objective. Hand out the agenda with a portfolio or writing pad several days ahead of the event so that participates know what happens when. Give all attendees a duffel or backpack at the close of the event to remember the activity.

Best Promotions offers a range of teambuilding products from megaphones and rally towels to coolers and apparel. View the selection to find products to enhance your corporate team program.

Promotional Caps – Judge a Cap by the Amount of Promotional Value it Has For Your Business

Don’t be mistaken. Just because promotional websites display a lot of stylish products and stylish materials in their categories, doesn’t mean we are some kind of style guide. You may get the impression when you see our range of smart, elegant business shirts or smart, elegant polo shirts, that style is the principle motivation for us. Well, we’re not a style guide. We are promotion guide.

Through our many product categories, promotional websites give you an indication not principally of what is stylish, but principally what sells your business. There’s nothing particularly stylish about lanyards or t-shirts or beach towels or stress toys. But put your name and logo on them and see what happens. People will buy and use them.

The same can be said for another clothing item that has been popular from the seventies. Now, there isn’t anything particularly stylish about a cap. But they’re practical and easy to wear and they have been an invaluable source of promotional revenue for decades. Maybe it’s the association between caps and sporting teams, but there can be no question – caps are not at the forefront of fashion and style. And yet lots of people have and will continue to wear these not essentially fashionable items of clothing.

When flicking through the pages of the latest fashion magazine, people don’t often remark on the kind of cap someone is wearing. About the only thing which gives the cap any notoriety is the logo on it. A Nike cap isn’t that much different from a cap with Calloway written on it, but people still judge the cap by the logo. And you may not realize this, but there are standards in cap making. Some caps do look better than others. Promotional distributors are aware of this and they want to find the right Promotional Caps for your business.

As mentioned earlier, it may be a team identification that draws people to caps with logos. If that’s the case, then that’s a mentality your business might choose to exploit. There’s nothing more powerful than having people where your promotional clothing because they feel they’re a part of something you represent. Don’t think style. Think what sells. Let’s be frank; nothing sells like the product promotion which comes with identifying a business to the extent that you’ll wear it for all to see. You’re champions out there may not win points for style but you’ll win the merit and the business which comes from being known.

At the end of the day, that’s the object of Promotional Products. Style is not the paramount concern. Selling is the paramount concern. We’re not in the business of trend setting. We’re in the business of mind setting. Lots of caps worn on lots of heads sets in mind the idea that your business is reliable enough to be depended upon by a lot of people. Lots of caps worn on lots of heads sets in mind the idea that a lot of people have found something meaningful in your business. You can keep your Pierre Cardin because that kind of promotion is money in the bank.

Get the Most Out of a Giveaway Secret Product Promotion

Traffic and List building go hand in hand and to get the best results with sign-ups, sales and website visitors in the shortest time is a big goal for many marketers and that is why they are using JV giveaway events as an effective stating place. There are many ways to speed up your web presence. To name just the most popular ones:

- Social networking sites

- Blogging

- Article writing and spreading them widely

- Video and Audio marketing

- Pay per click ads

- Ezine ads and press releases

- Newsletters

- and more…

From my own personal results, I can say that no one of the mentioned methods are so effective as the giveaway events itself, which are usually offered by senior and well established marketers for a defined and limited time only. There is always a free and paid option for contributors and members.

Free is okay for checking out but it is much too hard work to promote the event until you get enough referral points to upload your product. You need to spend some money here therefore, but my personal results show that you can easily improve your list by 200 to 400 or even more new subscribers if your giveaway product is in demand and professionally offered through your squeeze page. Depending on the cost of the event, you will come out with a price in a range of $ 0.50 (50 cents) to $ 0.10 (10 cents) per new subscriber.

This seems eventually expensive at the first impression. However imagine the selling potential you get once all these new subscribers are on your list and start getting your further eCourses, special offers, newsletters and promotions. You can gently build up your positive relationship and profit for a long time from the links you have placed inside your mails for own or affiliate products. Therefore you will have recovered your investment in a giveaway within a short time only.

Once you have signed up to a first class giveaway event, you need to make full use of the whole promotion machinery on your own, using all the above mentioned tools plus whatever you think will create additional traffic for the site and finally to your product. That means you need to be prepared and have a plan how to proceed from the first day the event runs. Do not slow down; work on your traffic every day as long as the giveaway event runs.

Here are some ideas:

- Draw a Mind Map and write down all your tools you can actively use

- Create several short promotional texts to use on Social Networking Sites

- Write 3-5 different articles you can use for your Blog and Article Directories

- Save all your effort and promotion power to start the different campaigns on the opening day

- Prepare 3 Broadcasts to your list which you spread over the running time of the event

- Use all the tools your giveaway partner offers to promote the event

- Check what works and intensify these promotions for still better results

I think you get the picture. Most important is to be well prepared in advance and to remain under high tension during the whole giveaway event. Check your results from the tools you have implemented and reinforce or refine them. You need to have some tracking in place in order to know which promotions work best for you.

Also very important: stay in close contact with the organizers of the giveaway event. They themselves have an interest in high traffic and sign-up rates. They will gladly assist you with more inside information, tips and tricks or even help you to set up everything if you are new to this kind of online marketing.


If you are new to giveaway events, you first want to start with a free sign-up to learn and check out. You also want to learn more about the mechanism of such events by reading through the giveaway secrets eBooks and free information you can find online. Just do a small search and you will get plenty of links to check.

Once you are more familiar with the system, you should however pay the fee and upload 3-5 good and in demand products to see your subscriber list growing every day. Start promoting gently during the pre-launch phase and give full power with all your tools the day the event opens doors. Use the time between your sign up (as early as possible!) and prepare all your texts, ads, articles and email broadcasts. Write down a short action script what you want to do and promote every day. This is your sure-fire way to a secret giveaway success.

Take the chance and get it done. Good luck!