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A Product Imprinting Idea Ripped From The Headlines

This money-making, creative idea was the idea of Texas home business operator, Ken Miller. In September, 2001, using his Texas-style humor along with his hand operated pad printing machine, he imprinted golf balls on one side with a photographic image of Osama bin Laden, and on the opposite side of each ball he printed, “Osama Been Gotten.” Despite the fact that the slogan did not immediately come true until now, those golf balls became a huge hit in Ken’s gift shop and in the gift and craft shows and fairs they frequent with their home business lifestyle.

Ken priced the printed golf balls at $3 each. Through a whole source he was able to procure the blanks at 60 cents each. With the hand operated pad printing machine, he was able to print about 90 golf balls per hour, and that lead to a few hours work. To date, he has sold over 10,000 of them. That profitable math is somewhere in the neighborhood of $24,000 in net profit, for a bit more than 100 hours of manual labor on that machine.

Of course, it all began with a simple creative idea. The pad printing equipment was merely the means to turn the idea into money; quite a lot of money. Creating the design only took a few minutes. Single color photographs are easy to render with a pad printer, and the text is whatever one wants to type on a computer. The system makes the template for the machine in about ten minutes. The result is that the equipment can print almost anything on anything.

With the recent breaking news about “getting” this villainous figure who has caused so much pain throughout the world, Ken now enjoys a renewed marketplace for his golf ball idea. Now the villain really has “been gotten,” and a new market emerges for this old idea.

Many creative ideas have been turned in to great cash returns with such simple home-based imprinting equipment. Anyone who can find the poignancy, humor, or social resonance in a current event, can use this as a lucrative form of expression. Ken and others have also created powerful fundraising products by creating designs pertinent to current events. Examples would be products for Haiti earthquake relief for the United Nation’s UNICEF Fund, and Tsunami Relief tee shirts for the American Red Cross. The sales outlets are endless as well, including gift shops, fairs and craft shows, charity fund raisers, and on-line websites. I share Ken’s idea and many others in additional articles to inspire and encourage your own creativity and success.

4 Promotional Ideas to Build Sales When You Open a Dollar Store

Many who open a dollar store never really stop and think about ways to add one or two extra dollars to every sale that is made in their store. They never stop to think about the positive impact selling extra dollar store merchandise to every customer can have on the bottom line of their business. For example, if every shopper were to purchase even one extra item, it can mean hundreds of dollars in extra sales to your store every day. Those hundreds add up to tens of thousands over the course of a year. For more on this important topic read on. In this article I present 4 promotional ideas to build sales.

1) Display complementary dollar store merchandise together. By placing these items beside each other customers are more inclined to purchase both. Where someone might have come in to purchase a bottle of dish detergent they will see sponges and scrubbers sitting right there to remind them. Before you know they’ll pick up one or two extra items just because you took the time to place them conveniently beside a core consumable product.

2) When you open a dollar store consider actually bundling 2-3 items together and then pricing them at an odd price that isn’t easily divided. For example; place 3 items that normally sell for $2 each together as a package. Sell the package of three items for $5. As a customer tries to divide $5 by three while standing in your store they’ll give up and grab all three. This strategy is very subtle, but you’ll see sales of dollar store merchandise that would never have been made otherwise. The customer gets a winning price. You add extra sales.

3) Offer a discount if shoppers make a purchase. For example; offer a deal where they purchase the first one of an item for $2, and then they get the second one for only $1.50. Once again shoppers are offered a good buy, but they are required to buy 2 items rather than just one. Imagine adding $1.50 to every sale in your store. Imagine how this could work if you offered special pricing on selected items in every department when you open a dollar store.

4) Price and sell a bundled package of dollar store merchandise at 2 for $1 rather than $0.50 each. Sure there will be shoppers who break it apart and try to buy one at $0.50. However overall you’ll find physically packaging the items results in more being sold. Some items can be tied with ribbon. Other items can be shrink-wrapped together. This strategy works best when there is a physical binding of the items you are selling packaged together. Often even placing a sign calling out the 2 for $1 price rather than $0.50 is all it takes to see increased sales.

To your success when opening a dollar store!

Three Easy Home Business Ideas

Are you tired of the rat race and looking for a way out? Are you concerned that you don’t have the skills necessary to really make a go of it in business? Are you looking for an easy, yet legitimate home business idea that can really pull in a load of cash? Let me cut right to the chase. I don’t just have an idea for a home business, I have several. These business ideas do not run on rocket science. They are not extremely expensive. One or more of these business ideas may be your ticket out of the rat race. They could pave the road to a very comfortable, satisfying, and lucrative career.

The easy business ideas listed below are simply an introduction to these business venues. If you like what you see let me encourage you to research these business ideas and find out what it takes to drive them to the highest level possible.

Easy Business Idea #1-PLR Product Promotion

I hear your first question already. What the heck is a PLR product, anyway? It stands for Private Label Rights. It means that somebody has put the time and energy into creating a product, but for one reason or another they do not want to invest the time, money, or energy into marketing them. This leaves you, the marketer the option to invest in the rights to these PLR’s. You then have the ability to market them in any way that you want. In most cases you have the freedom to apply whatever price you want for these PLR products. The best way to move your products out into the Market Place is to showcase them on a website. You don’t need a fancy site to promote these products. A simple page that is SEO optimized will be sufficient.

Easy Business Idea #2-Creating Online Stores

What I am talking about when I say Online Stores are sites like eBay or Amazon. You can set up such a site for little or no money. You can even get products from an online store and sell them for a commission. The online auction is the primary method used to sell these products. Whatever you sell is partially yours in the form of commission. Selling products that you never have to handle is a very easy business idea that, over time, can create a solid income that will support you and your family for many years to come.

Easy Business Idea #3-Affiliate Marketing

Here is another very easy way to produce a solid income. You simply promote someone else’s website on your website or blog, and they pay you for every visitor that you send to their site. The payment method is Pay Per Click (PPC). This method of marketing can produce a significant income over time. The most lucrative company to market for is Google AdWords. If you use an affiliate network, you can save the expense of creating a website. You simply find or create ads that need to be promoted and you post and promote them on the available space of similar sites. And of course you get the commission for your efforts.

So there you have it. Do you want to make a little money or a lot? These are three easy home business ideas that you can use to create a small bankroll or a huge fortune. Consistent and persistent efforts outweigh the need for specialized technical skills. There is of course a short learning curve that you will have to push through. Once you master the simple method of marketing and promoting these products your business can run like a well-oiled machine. Once your business is up and running, you will realize a solid and consistent flow of cash as well as an open door that is your exit from the rat race.