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Cleaning Business Cards – Design and Promotional Ideas

One great way to promote a cleaning business is for the owner to spread the word personally throughout his or her network of friends and associates. Business cards are great for helping you to get your message across and helping you to be remembered.

In this article we take a look at why business cards are so important to a cleaning business owner. We also offer ideas on effective design and make suggestions on how to make the most of your cleaning business cards in your promotional activities.

The Importance of Business Cards to a Cleaning Business Owner

A business card can do much more for your business than simply offering a prospect a name, address and a phone number. With the right design, they can be advertisements that the recipients hold on to for years or even pass on to others. At the very least they help you to present a professional image and give you an excuse to talk about your business when you meet new people.

Effective Design

Firstly, you have to make sure that you include all the basic information about your business and that it is spelled correctly. Include full names, job titles, address and phone number. These days it is also common to include online details such as email addresses, website url and references to other social media such as Facebook or Twitter. A picture of the owner or employee on the card can help to give your business a human face that can make it seem more approachable and reliable to prospects.

Your company name, logo design or both should be featured prominently on the card, usually in the top left hand corner.

If it is not made obvious in your business name or slogan then you should consider listing out the cleaning services that you offer. Alternatively you can list some of the competitive advantages that you have in the business or how customers benefit by going ahead and signing up for your services.

While all this sounds like a lot, you have to also bear in mind that business cards usually look better if they have a simple layout. Rather than having a card that will appear to be cluttered and confusing you could ask your designer and printer about using the rear side of the card as well.

As a cleaning business owner you should have cards that are neatly set out, clean and professional looking. In terms of color it is hard to go past white and various shades of blue as these present the best image of cleanliness to recipients.

Depending on the market that you are targeting, try to go for something a little different that will help you to stand out. Try an irregular card shape or offer something interesting, valuable or humorous on the card that can help or entertain prospects. Try to position your business in their minds so that they think of you whenever they, or their friends need a cleaning business.

There are many cleaning business card templates available online and you may even be able to find some for free. However, to come up with something that can truly make you look professional and help you to build a brand image that is unique, it is best to use the services of an experienced designer. Look around online at some of the branding styles that other cleaning companies are using and give your designer some examples so that they can get ideas on what you want. Bear in mind thought that while you can incorporate certain design elements from the branding of other businesses, you do essentially have to have an original finished product that you can truly call your own.

Promotional Techniques

The best way to get your cards out there is to hand them out personally. You don’t have to go to a lot of trouble to push them onto people. When you are introduced to people in all kinds of social situations simply hand them a card and they will often naturally comment or ask you questions about what you do.

Politely ask some of your existing customers if they wouldn’t mind passing on some of your cards to other people that they know who may be in need of cleaning services. Let them know that you would really appreciate it and give them four or five to hand out if the get the chance.

Swap cards with other service providers who are not in direct competition with you. Team up with a pool cleaner or a lawn care business operator. You can then refer your existing clients to them if you see the need and they can reciprocate by sending business your way.

If you are looking to start a cleaning business and want to come across as a professional operation right from the start, make sure that you have a set of professionally designed business cards ready for when you talk to your first prospect.

Promotional Bags of All Shapes and Sizes

There are all kinds of great ideas to advertise your products and one of the most effective is by using promotional products, choosing an item that will be of practical use and then adding your own message, name or logo to it is guaranteed to be a success.

When looking for an item to add your brand name to you should really give it a lot of thought as it’s a decision not to be taken lightly, although the product should preferably be practical it also should be one that will be seen as otherwise you are just wasting your resources. Handing out toothbrushes or other items that are personal won’t be very effective at all as they will be tucked away in the bathroom and limited as to how many people will actually see them, and thus your logo.

Promotional bags are a very successful product fashionable with most companies whether large or small simply because they are so practical. Everyone has a use for a bag from carrying their college files to and from university, shopping, storing the kids’ toys in when off to the park or beach and lots of other uses. They offer a great opportunity for organizations and businesses as they have the benefit of adding a logo and business name with the effect that it’s sure to get seen all over the place.

The amount of money that gets spent on advertising reaches the millions and success can be difficult to measure. Promotional bags are such a simple idea, order them in bright vivid colours and jazzy designs and everyone will want one – get the public to take your name and logo to all kinds of places where they’ll get seen. These kinds of products are a very subtle way to get your brand recognized.

Quality is very important when choosing the material to be used for your Products Promotional, particularly bags as one that splits or goes out of shape after just a few uses isn’t going to impress anyone or do your brand image any favours. A high level of quality will impress customers, make you stand out from competition and let customers know that you are a company that is committed to products using only the best materials and finishes.

Any kind of promotional bag offers an excellent opportunity for branding, if the company only has a small budget then choose paper or economical tote bags for practicality, but if money isn’t an issue and you want top quality then consider a bespoke design as it can really appeal to a specific type of customer.

Recycled products are in demand now as companies the world over become more conscious of the environment and the effects we can have on it. Eco-friendly promotional companies now produce green bags – tote bags are often manufactured from reusable products so you can be assured the planet is being taken care of. Tote bags are a popular choice with the general public as supermarkets in various countries start to ban plastic bags and shoppers look for something to hold their goods that will last a long time and also looks good.

Bags aren’t only for shoppers and adults of course, you can appeal to the younger crowd by investing in trendy backpacks, colourful school bags or lunch bags, entice new mothers by adding your logo to nappy bags, or impress business associates with gifts of leather briefcases – the opportunities are endless you just need to use your imagination.

Choosing bags for your marketing needs makes a lot of sense – they are popular items with people of all ages, they are extremely functional, they will get seen all over the place which makes them perfect for promotions, and they provide excellent brand building opportunities.

Wait, there’s more – they make great gifts for staff or clients, come in lots of colours that can be designed to match the corporate colour scheme, and are versatile! Don’t waste any more time, check them out online today!

Promotional Pens: A Lovely, and Effective Marketing Tool

We all want to promote our company and so lookout for strategies to maximize its sale and popularity. If you were an owner of a company then inevitably you would want your business house and its product to be a household name. If you are an employee of a company, you will still want your company to do well as your professional life can be as good as the company you work for. If by chance you are the head of a marketing division of your company, it will be your responsibility to formulate marketing strategies to promote the company’s name and its products. Promotional Pens are one of the marketing strategies that can be used effectively to popularize your company and its products.

In today’s competitive world, all the corporate houses will try to build its brand reputation through different marketing strategies. Therefore, you have the marketing gurus who come out with all the creative, innovative ideas that may prove to be a success or failure. There is no sure-fire way of knowing whether a particular marketing strategy will work or not. However, we can always choose the marketing strategies that are easy, eye catching, and leave the rest to the market force. Promotional Pens is one of the easiest and eye-catching marketing strategies you can use.

They can be successful marketing tools for various reasons. Pens are an important personal accessory and most of us cannot do without it either at our workplace or in our home. Even in this information age, we cannot always open our laptop and write down something every now and then, it is inconvenient. However, if you have a pen you can conveniently take it out from your pocket and jot down whatever you want to write and slip it back into your pocket. So making pen your company’s promotional item will really be a great idea.

Pens are not only affordable, but are also item of personal and professional utility. Moreover, it is convenient to carry it wherever we go. Therefore, if you make them as an advertisement tool for your company it is going to prove effective. People will not only keep the pen with care as they will need it but it will also travel along with the users wherever they go and the chances of others seeing your company’s name, logo and products in the pen is high. Therefore, it will be an effective marketing tool for your company.

However, when you have chosen a particular brand of pens for promotion of your company, do not forget to ask the company from where you have ordered the pens to get your corporate house name, logo and products printed in it. The companies that supply them to corporate houses usually have the facilities for personalizing the corporate house name, products and logo. Therefore, all those to whom the pens are gifted will see the company’s name and products every day. Aren’t these items a great way to market your company!